7 BEST Upper Chest Exercises (You’ve NEVER Done!)

These are the 7 best UPPER Chest Exercises that you're probably not doing or may have never done before. Of course the incline bench is great at building massive upper pecs and can help add mass, size, & strength to the chest muscles. However, there are many other chest workout strategies that can be used to develop your upper chest regardless of if you're lifting weights at home or in the gym.

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The pectoralis major is the largest and most visible muscle that makes up your chest, and it's composed of two distinct muscle heads, an upper portion known as the clavicular head also often referred to as the upper chest and a lower portion known as the sternocostal head, which is often referred to as the mid and lower chest.  and the amount of muscle that you can add to these portions of your chest is highly dependent on your genetics, the types of exercises you're doing, and how you're performing those exercises. and while some men have no problem building bigger pecs, others struggle to gain any kind of ground when it comes to building muscle on their chest giving them a flat-chested appearance. I myself, unfortunately, have always fallen into the latter category, and my chest has always been a lagging muscle group, especially the upper portion. but even if you don't have optimal genetics for massive pecs you can still build up all parts of your chest including the upper portion to the best of your genetic potential, just by performing the right exercises many of which most men ignore entirely when training their chest. 
so let's start with one of the most overlooked exercises for the upper chest the reverse grip bench press. the typical go-to exercise for building up the chest is the bench press, however, research shows that by taking a reverse grip you'll actually increase muscle activation of the clavicular head which is that upper portion of the chest by over 30 percent. Meanwhile performing an incline bench press only increases your upper chest activity by about 5 to 10 percent when compared to a regular bench press, so the reverse grip bench press is truly a great exercise if you have trouble with developing your upper chest. So to perform the reverse grip bench press you'll first want to lay down on a flat bench and grip the bar with a supinated or a reverse) grip so your palms will be facing you rather than turned away from you like a regular bench press. your hands should also be about shoulder-width apart or a little wider, and to be safe you want to keep your thumbs around the bar the whole time. from there retract your shoulders, unrack the bar and keep it directly over the line of your shoulders. then you're going to lower it down in an arch-like angle towards the bottom of your lower chest. throughout the exercise, you don't want to let your elbows flare out and instead they should be tight your ribs. once the barbell comes down to your chest you're going press it back up in a slight arch-like motion until its back at the starting position. Keep in mind when you get to the top you still want to maintain a very slight bend in your arms rather than locking your elbows out because locking out will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your joints. Now remember when doing this exercise you won't be able to use as much weight as you normally could with the bench press, so you will have to go lighter there's nothing wrong with that. Next, we have the crossbody incline chest press. this exercise usually uses the incline hammer strength machine, but if you don't have access to this piece of equipment you can also set up a bench next to a cable crossover to mimic a similar motion. also even if you've already used the hammer strength chest press machine to do this exercise I highly recommend you try it with cables too because it gives you an incredible pump in your upper chest and keeps constant tension throughout the movement. So to perform this exercise with the cables you'll first position a bench next to a cable crossover machine and adjust the pully so that your hand ends up being about even with your chest. Then instead of sitting straight back, you're going to turn to one side and using the arm on the same side that you turn towards you're going to hold the d handle with an overhand grip. keep in mind that you're not going to be completely turned all the way out to your side at a 90-degree angle. you're going to be turned out a little less than that at about a 60 to 70-degree angle. then you're going to press the weight across your body until your arm is almost fully extended. then really squeeze at the top for a second or two before lowering …

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